Why You Should Hire a Security Guard from Eagle Protective Group

Having security guards in Dallas for a large or high profile business is a no-brainer, but what about small businesses and their security needs?

If you own a small business, you are not exempt from potential problems a larger business might face.

Maybe you own a small convenience store, or a single retail location? Or maybe you’re fully capable of operation without security for most of the year but once a year you have inventory clearances and you need security for a sale event to tackle the sheer number of people who may show up.

You should have a licensed, Dallas security company with experience to help you offset potential loss and secure public safety.  If budget is a concern, let Eagle Protective Group contact you to discuss pooling the power of the businesses around you to share the burden, so you can remain protected at any hour.

Here are some other reasons why you might want security at your place of business.

Employee Safety

Having security guards on staff to escort employees to their vehicles can improve company morale and prevent incidents, especially if your business is located in a high crime area, or vehicles are stored in a separate location.

You’re experiencing a rise in inventory shrinkage or customer theft

Are products or management tools going missing? Having security guards on staff can reduce employee theft as well as deter customers from stealing products from the business location. 

Your business or event will serve alcohol

Where there is alcohol, there is the potential for issues with customers who imbibe too much and cause potential mayhem. It’s possible you may want non-uniformed officers on staff to quickly handle any problem that could come up.

You’re located in a high traffic area (customers and/or vehicles)

Are you located in an area that received a lot of traffic or parked cars? Providing security for employees and staff can make them feel more comfortable to shop at your location because they know their cars are being looked after while they’re with you.

You’re facing employee layoffs.

In the best of times, it’s good to have security guards to escort fired or laid off employees off the premise, but in the worst of times, an entire security team might be necessary to lead or handle a large group of employees to their vehicles. A security team should also be in place if you suspect workers may strike and you need to guarantee safe passage for remaining employees. 

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