Eagle Protective Group has branched out its operations and offers its clients private investigator Texas service for surveillance, location, and information all over the United States. A wide variety of private investigation services are provided by our private investigator Texas team for finding out information regarding any individual or business organization depending on the requirement of our clients.

Our private investigator Dallas are well versed in investigations pertaining to the reputation, association, whereabouts, affiliations, movements, and conduct of anyone you want including spouses, business partners, employees, witnesses, debtors, relatives, etc. Eagle Protective Group is one of the leading private investigator Dallas company that provides sophisticated private investigation services to clients with the assistance of high-end technology and influential executives.

We believe that our crème de la crème clients deserve the best of the best and so, our team of private investigator Austin has professional experience in the industry for more than 35 years. They have developed all the necessary skills essential for private investigative services by working for fortune 500 companies, legal sectors, as well as small and large companies. In addition, Eagle Protective Group has managed complex investigative solutions for State and Federal agencies or insurance companies. Our private investigator Austin company is licensed by The State of Texas.

You deserve to know the truth and our trusted private investigator Houston at Eagle Protective Group will help you do just that. Eagle Protective Group is one of the most trusted security companies in Dallas that specializes in providing protective services ranging from executive protection to private investigator New York services and even private investigation services since the last twenty years.

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Eagle Protective Group specializes in offering private investigator Houston services including:


  • Infidelity checks to find out if your spouse is having an affair
  • Undercover investigations for finding sensitive evidence
  • GPS vehicle tracking to find out the location where your vehicle is currently at
  • Theft – to find those involved in a robbery
  • Litigation support – digging for information to present as evidence in a lawsuit
  • Workers compensation fraud – investigations, audits, and reports to reduce costs to the workers’ compensation system of your company.
  • Verify the accuracy and validity of claims.
  • Hidden video surveillance for recording crucial information that may be presented as evidence in a lawsuit.
  • Internal investigations for solving cases of fraud or theft within an organization.
  • Automobile insurance fraud – to determine the genuineness of the incident.
  • Witness locator–to search for prime witnesses of an incident that may have gone into hiding.
  • Process serving services
  • Harassment – to determine if the claim is true or baseless.
  • Personal Injury – to weed out fraudulent personal injury claims.
  • Confirm or dispute any limitations of physical mobility or injury.