What’s up in 2020 for Security?

It’s a brand new year and guess what that means in the world of security?

New challenges, new scams, and new ways for thieves to take your money, property or identity! We’re not just worried about physical security but keeping our customers safe online too.

We’ve rounded up a list of new ways scammers are using their time to steal yours.

1. Cryptocurrency

Even though bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra, and other types of cryptocurrency have been around for a few years, new ways to scam people with it are always on the horizon.

Cryptocurrency-related Investment Scams: Before you jump into the cryptocurrency market, know that this can be extremely risky and could be nothing more than a scam. The market rules of it do not fit  into existing regulatory structures, making it easier for scammers. Do your research, and if possible use trusted friends with successful use of the currency guide you.

One way to check if you’re dealing with a scammer is to use this bitcoin address database to check against known scammers.

Other cryptocurrency scams to be aware of:

2. The 2020 Abbreviation Scam

While we have not seen an actual case of this because it is so early in the year, note that when you write the date in the format MM/DD/YY on any important documents or contracts without finishing out the year to 2020, it can leave you in a precarious place legally.

If anyone can place a set of digits after the 20 in 20, 2018, 2019, etc ,  now your signature is on an incorrectly dated document.

More about this potential scam, that will haunt us for many years.


3. The 2020 Census

That’s right! They’re back! It’s been a decade and now it’s time to count the people!

You can expect U.S. Census workers to be buzzing around every neighborhood in the country soon, attempting to take the census. And if they happen upon your house, and knock on the door, know this: Census workers will NEVER ask for: Your Social Security number, your bank account or credit card numbers, or ask for money or donations.

More about what you can expect about attempted fraud is here: https://2020census.gov/en/avoiding-fraud.html 

Be safe out there folks and if you need a security service for your residence, or business, don’t forget to contact us, Eagle Protective Group, for a free consultation! 972-241-3881