Carnival at night - What Types of Businesses Need Security?

What Types of Businesses Need Security?

Call Us Today 972-241-3881 - Eagle Protective GroupAt Eagle Protective Group, we get asked all the time whether a certain type of business requires our security services. Of course, we believe everyone deserves the privilege of safety. But you would be surprised at what types of individuals or businesses don’t often think that their safety warrants additional protection. They are either under the impression that no one would be interested in hurting them personally or their business, or they believe that the police will handle whatever issues arise.

We want to tell you that you can do better, and that you and your business deserve the benefit of being protected.

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the United States, but they don’t often think about the physical safety of themselves or their business. An attack can come from many directions. These days ransomware seems to be a popular method of holding businesses for ransom, and a business owner wouldn’t typically think to hire a security firm to track down or investigate the origin of the cyber thief. Other people are being attacked in the streets and their businesses targeted because of the nationality or political beliefs. Often these people are just trying to do business as usual, but the pandemic has enflamed the emotions of their customers causing problems and altercations that could otherwise have been avoided if an additional physical presence was there to deter their customers’ aggression.

State fairAnother group of people and businesses that are frequently targeted are those that are either transporting or holding large amounts of money like event organizers. State fairs, food fairs, and any event where large sums of cash are collected are rich targets for thieves. This provides criminals with daily opportunities to target and rob these unprotected businesses of their hard-earned money. Having an armed guard accompany the business owner to their money holder, or watching the property overnight for burglars, is just one useful adoption of a security guard.

Lastly, the pandemic has seen a surge in people ordering goods online. Many of these goods are being shipped in from overseas in large boxcars to be transported from the ports to their destinations. But there are many reports over the past couple of years of shipping containers going missing, truck drivers being attacked, and items not making it to their final goal. These types of attacks can have many negative impacts on a business.

It can affect the company’s reputation with their customer base. It will obviously affect the bottom line as the company will have to replace the missing or stolen items, and in a worst-case scenario, if they are transporting valuable intellectual property, they could become the victims of industrial espionage with another company or foreign entity getting their hands on their IP and stealing the market out from under them. Some companies have resorted to hiring security to follow or accompany trucks, trains, and planes as they make their way from national, to regional destinations to make sure their company’s cargo is not in danger.

Eagle Protective Group has the ability to manage small and large scale security protocols, so don’t be a target and call us for a free consultation.

Security is important for families, businesses, and communities as a whole. Hiring security doesn’t need to just be for the elite, or the Fortune 500. Anyone can hire security as a preventative measure in this unsure time. You don’t need to wait to be a victim. You can be proactive and know that safety is only a phone call away.