Understanding Local Crime

The managing of security risks is essential to maintaining a person’s sense of peace and safety. Understanding local crime is essential for business owners, apartment managers, and facility operators in helping to avoid lawsuits. Property owners who are sued by an employee, tenant or guest for “negligent security” often find out that local crime elements are the basis for such laws


Often the first thing the plaintiff’s attorney does is to obtain local crime data for the site where the alleged incident occurred to determine if the crime was “foreseeable,” and if so, whether “reasonable care” taken on the part of the property owner to prevent the crime from occurring. Failure to understand local crime results in the inability to design effective security programs that promote safety, reduced liability, and protection. Aside from legal liability considerations, there are many practical reasons that local crime conditions may impact you. Developing a network and community relations program is key for gathering criminal intelligence. Therefore, direct sources of information from people residing or working in your area is best.

That is why Eagle Protective Group believes in on-site monitoring and personal interaction when it comes to crime prevention. We can build relationships and connections with area residents so that they feel comfortable coming to us when there is a problem. At Eagle Protective Group, we understand that most security budgets are tight, and we can work with you to develop a security plan that fits your needs and budget. With over twenty years of experience, our company specializes in security risk management through crime prevention strategies and on-site monitoring. Our staff is comprised of law enforcement officers and security officers that are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deter crime. We use both marked and unmarked police interceptor vehicles to detect activity that may be suspicious or unusual.

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