transportation services in Texas

Transportation Services Texas – Find your Niche

Specialized transportation services Texas make it easier for people and for cargo to move around the city with minimum effort and high level of convenience. Transportation services can be available in the shape of public transport – a kind of service available for general public; or they can be available for highly specialized purposes, for a specific category of people or material.

 The more specialized you become in your operations, by entering a niche market with your services, the more unique you become in your provision of transportation services in Texas. When you offer unique services, you create for yourself brand recognition and market presence, by becoming prominent amongst customers and enhancing recall of your brand.

 Here are two niche markets you can target with your transportation services in Texas:

 Provision of Transportation Services to Senior Citizens in Texas

 The city of Texas held about 11.2 percent of population that was aged 65 years and above in the Year 2013. And in the Year 2014, about 30 percent of the Texas households had occupants aged 60 years and above.

 As you grow old, your senses start to weaken. Your eyesight does not remain as sharp as it used to be, your reflexes become slow and your concentration starts to falter. When all of this starts happening, it does not remain safe for you to drive. Losing the freedom to be able to go to places as and when required can be really disappointing and leave senior citizens dependent upon their children and family to fulfill their daily requirements.

 This presents an opportunity for transportation services providers in Texas to create a solid market for themselves by providing safe and reliable transportation services to senior citizens. These services should have special features that meet senior citizen’s requirements including:

  • Friendly and cooperative staff, especially drivers
  • Available as per need
  • Affordable fares
  • Responsive services with multiple stops
  • Pick and drop service from doors of passengers
  • Flexibility in choosing destinations as desired
  • Provision of safe and hygienic environment

Since senior citizens that avail the transportation services you are providing in Texas may have varying nature of disabilities, and so you will have to take appropriate security measures to ensure their safety. You will have to make sure that senior citizens safely enter and exit the vehicle and also provide them assistance with their belongings.

The main reason why they cease driving themselves is for the sake of their safety and therefore providing them safety during travel should be one of your first and major concerns as a provider of transportation services in Texas.

Provision of Transportation Services in Texas to Students

About 7.5 million of Texas population is aged less than 18 years, out of which about 6.5 to 7 million can be expected to fall in the school going age. With their own ongoing jobs and other responsibilities, parents might find it difficult to manage the pick and drop of their children to and from their schools.

There is a huge demand for safe and reliable transportation services in Texas that cater for the transportation needs of students. You can capture this market niche by providing transportation services to students of a specific age, school, or residential area.

In order to make sure the students travelling in your transport get a safe environment, your transportation services must:

  • Have an escort on vehicles for younger students;
  • Be clear about travelling rules and regulations for students. For example, students must be strictly prohibited from putting their hands or heads out the window;
  • Make sure they are at a complete halt while letting students off or on the vehicle;
  • Make sure they travel on routes and follow the timetable strictly in order to make sure students do not get late for school;
  • Follow the student limit and should not let too many students on board that they exceed their maximum allowed limit;
  • Ensure that the vehicles are well maintained and serviced;
  • Arrange for regular cleaning of the vehicle in order to provide a clean and healthy environment to students.

The drivers of students’ transportation services have to be trained in communication skills so they know how to gently and tactfully deal with students. The transportation services company should outline safety protocols to be taken in situation of an accident.

The transportation services you provide to students in Texas can make route based stops or provide a door-to-door pick and drop service. The objective is provision of reliable transportation services Texas so that the parents of students have a means of letting their children go and come back from schools in comfort and safety.

Eagle Protective Group are specialists in providing security solutions and can detail security personnel in your vehicles so you can provide safe and secure transportation services in Texas, regardless of which niche you are serving.