The Importance of Hotel VIP Protection in Dallas

Hotels require the most amount of security after airports and with the recent suicide bombings in a few hotels across the globe, hotel VIP protection in Dallas and other places has become even more prominent and important. Hotels have started taking VIP protection even more seriously and are now ensuring that all areas of the hotel are secure so that any harm cannot reach the VIPs visiting the hotel.

Hotel selection is an important factor in ensuring VIP protection in Dallas. It should be ensured that the hotel where the important personalities are staying ensures their security and utilizes the best in-depth security plan. Usually, larger hotels have elaborate security set ups, which ensure greater security to VIPs. They have electronic door locks, security cameras across the venue, good safety equipment such as smoke detectors, sprinklers and metal detectors to ensure no dangerous goods are carried around the hotel. All these help in detecting and tracking unauthorized persons and ensuring they do not enter the premises of the hotel. Doing so ensure VIP protection in Dallas especially in the hotels.


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All VIPs must be aware of the key security arrangements at the hotel they intend to stay. If they do not have time, their managers should look up the security plan of the hotel and ensure that the security at the hotel is effective. The sad truth is that despite having a security system, most hotels have security panels, which are not effective and prepared enough for their job, which is precisely why a greater responsibility lies with the VIPs to ensure the effectiveness of the security system at the hotel where they intend to stay.

The hotel’s geographical location plays a great impact on the security. Thus, it is best to find the best possible neighborhood. While a hotel in a far off vacant place can be dangerous too, but hotels near pubs, bars, clubs and overly crowded areas is not too safe either. These areas can have certain noticeable safety implications, which is precisely why they must be avoided in order to lessen interaction with potential criminal elements or any kind of harm. When it comes to the geographical location of the hotel, its proximity to potential kidnap risk locations must also be considered. Poorly maintained hotels must be avoided especially those that are located at the outer edges of the city.

Other factors to consider about the security arrangements at a hotel include proper vehicle entrance and exit controls along with appropriate security lighting and proper fencing and arrangement for rapid evacuation if needed in times of emergency.
All this important information must be given to the VIPs upon arrival and check-in, so the executives are aware of the location of emergency exits are located and the various escape routes in the hotel in order to ease the exists when needed in case of emergency. Hotels must take care of these security measures too in order to ensure no casualties take place and the VIPs feel safe in the hotel premises.