Security Guards Services in Houston Are Here To Protect Every Business

You need to know that every business is finding it hard to fight the economic crisis. On one side, where people are being laid off from their jobs, on the other hand, crime rate is increasing due to high unemployment in the society. Economic crisis almost hits the countries like an earthquake and the after-effects are felt even years later.

If you can recall the 2007-09 financial crisis which was termed as ‘worst financial crisis’ since the great depression of 1930s, the United States of America and the European countries were hit the hardest. Middle East & Asia had little impact as compared to the other countries. It was all due to the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, which were a 158-year-old investment bank, and several takeovers in the banking and finance industry.Nevertheless, coming back to the point, the after-effects of the global financial crisis has led to an increase in illegal activities and terrorists group rising.

Although, some people might not relate the birth of criminal and terrorist activities to the global financial crisis, it is a part of a series of undesirable after-effects of the crisis that everyone seems to ignore. To tackle with all the crimes and illegal activities, the banking industry, and the business and industrial sector has resorted to security guards services in Houston from reputable and trusted security providers that will assure to tackle any possible incidents.

Even though, hiring security services should be a part of every business’s policy to ensure a safe working environment for employees as well as to safeguard the premises from any man-caused problems, several type of businesses have different reasons behind hiring security guards services.

  • A BANK may hire security guards services to protect the bank employees, for safe transferring of cash from one place to another (within the bank and inter-branch transfers), safeguard the building and ensure the safety of visitors until they have conveniently deposited or withdrawn their money. The use of armed security guards is most likely to be seen outside and within the bank due to the total value of assets involved that need a more professional handling and a well-secured atmosphere. The banking sector often hires private security transport services that involve bulletproof vehicles for safe transferring of cash and other valuable assets.
  • A SHOP OWNER may hire unarmed security guards to make sure that their customers enjoy a comfortable and safe shopping experience. It warns the bad people that there stealing tactics will not work within the guarded area hence, security services in and around a shop; helps mitigate possible incidents and theft to a great extent. Although, the presence of armed security guards would be an advantage, hiring unarmed security guards from a trusted security provider will help deter crime in the same way because the mere presence of security guards in itself acts as a deterrent to crime and other unlawful activities.
  • An OFFICE BUILDING may opt for a more professional level of security guards services. This involves having walk-through security gates, installation of CCTV cameras and integrated security systems that allow for complete surveillance of the whole premises, inside out. This will also include security checks within the office building and outside, regular security reports, visits by higher security personnel for quality assurance of the service etc.
  • A HOSPITAL may hire security guards to ensure safety of the visitors, patients, doctors and other hospital staff. As a hospital is built on a large scale, a more foolproof security plan is needed to ensure consistency in the level of security provided.
  • A SCHOOL may hire security guards to keep the schoolchildren and teachers safe. In line with the school shootings all over America, adequate measures need to be taken by the school’s board of members or owners so that safety of the children can be assured. Many accidents also happen outside the school when children are crossing roads. Security guards need to apply extra measures to make sure that children are safely departed from the school premises. Installing walk-through gates and hiring armed security guards might help reduce the chances of school shootings largely.

Although, every institution can apply all the security measures offered by any trusted security provider, it will only increase the costs and ultimately lead to the elimination of the security budget. However, every institution whether government or private must hire security guards to satisfy the basic needs of security. Other security services may include:

  • Security transport services
  • VIP protection services
  • Investigation services
  • Security patrol services

Eagle Protective Group is a reputed security provider that has served the United States for over 20 years. We provide professional security guards services in Houston to help our customers do their business in a safe working environment. Our security guards are highly trained and well-equipped individuals to tackle any unlawful situation with utmost ease. For more information on our services, visit or call now on 972 241 3881.