Reasons to Become a Security Guard for EPG

We think you’ll love working with us.

At Eagle Protective Group, our security guards work in many different situations to protect people, property, and the businesses we serve. Working with us can be a rewarding, and here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a team member.

Become a Security Guard with EPGThe job is rewarding.

One of the purposes we serve is to make sure people feel safe and protected. The mere presence of a security guard can prevent situations involving theft or other criminal behavior. You will be in charge of making customers and employees feel that safety and protection.

Your position transfers

Being a skilled security guard in Dallas and all over the country is  highly sought after. If you decide that we are not a good fit, or you and your family have to move, your training follows you everywhere. Your job as a security officer can transfer across many industries.


Do you hate working days? We have night shifts. Need part time work instead of full time?  No matter what schedule you need, we can work out a schedule to fit your needs. Security in Dallas is  24/7 which means we have several shifts and opportunities.

Change it up.

If you find your schedule too stationary, we have patrol positions too. We want to keep you alert and ready for any situation, and if that means changing your schedule up to accommodate that, we aim to help you.  We have varied positions like armed and unarmed positions. We work apartments, residential areas, schools, events, vip protection, and even help escort terminated employees to their cars. What appeals to you?

Improve your people skills.

As a security guard for Eagle Protective Group, many of our positions involve working directly with our client’s customers. Being good with people is just as important as handling an emergency situation in our eyes and when you work here, you get to interact with people to help them on a daily basis.

Using your crisis training anywhere.

All of our security guards have or receive training for emergency situations prior to being put in the field, this includes fire prevention and first aid. Think about how useful this training would be at home, even when you’re not working.

You can work alone or in teams.

Our security guards are assigned in positions in which they are autonomous, but we also have team situations such as event security, VIP protection, and large construction contingents. But even if you are working independently at Eagle Protective, you’re still part of our amazing team.

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