Products you may want to avoid for home security.

Home Security Products that may be dangerous to own.

Home security, even in conjunction with security guards like the services Eagle Protective Group offers, requires a myriad of support products.

What you don’t know is some home security products have major design flaws with their product designs. We’ll go over a few products every month to help you avoid home security products that can fail easily.

The Biometric gun safe (GVB1000) from Gunvault:

This device, meant to protect your gun from theft, children, and fire, has one major design flaw that allows access with something as simple in design as a paper clip. A user on vimeo demonstrates how easy it is to pop this safe open with just one paper clip.

This is not a device you want around to protect you or your family.

To learn more about hand gun safes we encourage to you watch more videos by this user. Click here to visit Handgun Safe Research on Vimeo.

Master Locks

While Eagle Protective Group cannot say for sure that every Master Lock is a bad lock to choose for securing important items (guns, high priced personal items, etc), this particular expert on youtube has a poor opinion on the quality and craftsman ship on this once great lock brand. If you knew how easy it was to defeat one, you will probably run right out and search for newer better models that are harder to break.

This guy shows you how to break one particular model in just a few seconds.

To view more of his lock reviews (and destruction attempts), visit bosnianbill’s channel on youtube. Click here to watch his security reviews on various locks.

Next week, we’ll cover some other home security products you may be using around your home or business for security. And remember:

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