One place you never thought hiring private security would be useful.

One would think that hospitals are right up there with banks regarding security considering how highly we value our Dallas medical heroes and heroines.  Hospitals are also where we take our loved ones when they are sick, frail, or unable to care for themselves.  Similarly, they are also where new life is brought into the world.

Lately, they have been a place of quarantine, strife, and stress throughout the Covid pandemic.  Is hospital security enough on its own?

Or would it be better to hire your own private security professionals to accompany you or a loved one during their time at the hospital?

Security at hospitals can be lax.According to studies, out of four million total births, about 28,000 babies get switched each year.  With hospitals operating at peak capacity during the pandemic, and doctors and nurses being forced to work ridiculous amounts of overtime to care for their patients, it is almost understandable that mistakes could be made.  But does that mean you and your newborn child must be a statistic?  No, the former and off-duty officers working at Eagle Protective Group can be with you and your newborn from the moment you enter the hospital to the moment you and your new family go home.

The pandemic has caused chaos in our health system and has driven many doctors and nurses to the breaking point with the number of Covid-related cases they deal with daily.  But they are not only dealing with sick patients, but they are also dealing with stressed out and grieving families, protesters, and other politically motivated attacks that have nothing to do with the care of those in their charge.  With people entering and exiting a hospital freely every day, it is important to have specially trained security professionals on hand to make sure that nothing suspicious is occurring, and if something does happen, react to the threat in a timely and conscientious manner.

As a hospital, are you increasing security during these uncertain times?

A good example of the benefit of having a security guard on site happened in September of 2021 where an officer at Methodist Hospital in Texas met a visitor at the door of the children’s emergency room and requested the visitor pass a temperature screening to pass.  The man refused, became agitated, and began angrily shouting at the guard and hospital staff.  “The verbal abuse, the name-calling, racial slurs … we’ve had broken bones, broken noses,” said one hospital official in Dallas according to a recent article in the Texas Tribune.

Hospitals also house drugs and can be a temptation for addicts on the outside of the building as well as patients who go to hospitals to score pain killers or opioids to feed their addictions.  There are even cases of doctors and nurses who have stolen and taken drugs while on the job.  Hiring additional security, especially during times when existing hospital staff might be pushed to the brink, can help deter those who might attempt to steal drugs and other hospital supplies for black market sale or personal use.

Increased patrols around the perimeter of a hospital, additional security at key checkpoints inside the hospital, and additional monitoring of CCTV and badged access areas, as well as their physical presence as a deterrent, make a Dallas security team a vital investment for hospital staff and even individuals looking to personally keep their loved ones and newborns safe.

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