Holiday Prep – Security 101

What does the Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, La Posada, and Winter Solstice all have in common*?

Huge celebrations with friends and family.

But what else does it mean?

It means gearing up to host or travel away from our homes to celebrate the season.

Here are a few tips from Eagle Protective Group to help the holiday season bring you safely into 2020.

Hosting celebrations in large residences or event halls:


  1. Check all security cameras, if you have them, prior to the event. Clean the lenses, make sure they are all in good working order.
  2. Make sure all hired help is vetted prior to arrival and have them wear identification in a form such as name tags or badges at the event. Make identifying them simple for you and your guests.
  3. Shut and/or lock any door that no one should access. Lock up valuables. Keep temptation at bay.
  4. Remove medications and personal artifacts from all restrooms that guests have access to at the event. (Make sure you have ample supplies and repair tools like plumbing snakes! There’s nothing worse than attending a party where the plumbing goes haywire. The holiday season is precisely when most plumbing incidents occur.)
  5. Huge gatherings may require security in the form of a friendly security guard to direct patrons aware from areas they should not be, and also make them feel safe. Did you know that EGP offers event security and street patrols to keep your many guests and their vehicles safe?
  6. Remember to enjoy the event, sometimes being the host can be daunting, but find your joy!

If you are traveling away from home:


  1. Install multiple lights on timers in your home, including holiday lights. Make the impression that you are home during this season.
  2. Consider installing a camera doorbell system that connects to your cell phone so you can “answer the door”.
  3. Reroute all mail to post office prior to your vacation, and ask a neighbor to collect your papers and packages.
  4. Ask a neighbor or friend to park in your driveway, to make it look like someone is home.
  5. Check your vehicle before you get on the road. That includes: tires, belts, oil levels, brakes, and maybe get an inspection because no one wants to get stuck on the road on the way to an important event in the cold!
  6. Prep your house to prevent cold weather problems while you’re gone. Here are some links that help with house prep: link 1, link 2, link 3.
  7. NEVER post on social media your immediate whereabouts. Save vacation photos for AFTER you come home. Being active on social media can be a tip off to thieves that you are not home during the season.
  8. Hire a security patrol to visit your home’s exterior on your schedule if you feel the situation warrants it. Call us today to ask about how we can help you!


From Eagle Protective Group to you:

We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

Hold tight to the time you have together, because we are never promised tomorrow!

* Want more information about holidays in December? Here’s a great list of all of the celebrations that take place during the month of December into January! 

Image credit: Niños pidiendo posada by Diego Rivera (1953)