Get Out of a Domestic Situation Safely with Your Own Bodyguard

Get Out of a Domestic Situation Safely with Your Own Bodyguard

a man's fist hangs in front of the camera with a woman against a wall trying to prevent being hitDomestic abuse, especially during the pandemic, is always a difficult situation.  According to the City of Dallas, police responded to over one thousand domestic violence-related offenses in just the month of August in 2020 alone, with family violence rising over twelve percent during shelter-at-home orders at the height of the pandemic.  Leaving your abuser, especially when there are children involved, can create a dangerous situation that the average person may not know how to deal with.  Luckily, Eagle Protective Group’s security professionals can add a barrier allowing you and your children a shield while you escape to safety.

Eagle Protective Group uses off-duty Dallas police officers for their private security details.  This offers several advantages when it comes to escaping domestic violence situations.  First, if your abuser has a prior criminal background, then the officer may already be aware of that person, and what trouble they might be able to cause in the process of getting you and/or your children out of the abusive situation.  While of course our officers are trained to combat almost any threat, they are also trained as police personnel in de-escalation procedures that may help in providing a smoother transition should a confrontation arise.  They may even be familiar with local shelters or counselors that may be able to assist after your transition away from your abuser.

A man being abused by a womanIn the event of the need to use necessary force, our Dallas officers are trained in a variety of techniques ranging from restraining the attacker to the use of deadly force in the event of a violent escalation.  Studies show that every month an average of 57 women are shot and killed by an intimate partner, and 4.5 million women have reported being threatened with a gun by an intimate partner.  These people sometimes are already under restraining orders, or out on bail awaiting trial, but have access to weapons and the knowledge of their partner’s whereabouts and routines.  There is also a well-known law deficiency called the “boyfriend loophole” which allows abusers to purchase and possess guns even if they have been convicted of abuse or are under a restraining order.  When your life, or the life of your children are in danger, its wise to look for added protection from people who understand your circumstances and have been trained to deal with these sorts of situations.  You don’t have to be a victim.

A bodyguard doesn’t have to be used just in case of an extraction from your home.  They can also be a presence that can accompany you discreetly to and from your workplace and when you are running errands, so your life isn’t disrupted any further than it already is.  It will also give you piece of mind that you won’t have to be looking over your shoulder all the time wondering if your abuser is about to follow through on their threats.  Another tactic that is widely used by abusers is stalking.  19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the United States have been stalked in their lifetime.  Having a professional around to watch your back makes sense.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a domestic abuse situation, consider contacting any of the following organizations for help and direction to get you and/or your kids out of harm’s way.

The Hotline
Domestic Violence Support


A Guide for Male Survivors of Domestic Violence