Five Things, Which You Must Do before Hiring VIP Protection in Houston

You have seen them in many special places. These are the guys with a radio in their hand or ear, and they are distinguished due to their imposing blue suits. They stick close to big hotshot stars and are usually found scanning crowds at many of the political rallies. Who are they? What is their job?

They like to call themselves as “Personal Protection” and their job is to keep their client and their family safe when faced by stalkers, terrorists, kidnappers, political enemies or angry ex-spouses. In today’s world, where corruption and unsavory people lurk at every corner, these blue suit personnel and their services have become very much in demand.

The threats faced by an executive vary depending on the company’s sizes, the executive’s individual profile and to which industry they belong to. In sectors such as energy industries, financial services and pharmaceutical companies or those executives who are based overseas often worry about carjacking, kidnapping, ecoterrorism, biological agents and mail-borne explosives. The most common are threatening emails and letters within the workplace.

Therefore, the question remains how important is VIP protection in Houston. Often people learn its worth when they fall in to a bad situation or when something tragic happens.

Below are five tips which when followed by the executive as well as the security personnel, helps in making a  strong protection circle around the client as well as their family:

Tip #1

When in a Corner, Ask Questions

The first step is to conduct a risk analysis. The Executive should do it so, so that he can confirm that the VIP protection he hired is professional in what it does and can protect him and his family at all times, under all kinds of situation.

The protection personnel should do it so, so that he can cover all the bases of the executive’s life. He must:

  • Know which individuals are critical to the executive’s organization
  • Know if there is any history of extortions against the executive
  • Asses the problem that the corporation will face if something dire happens
  • Examine the risks, which the people closest to the executives face
  • Know if the executive travels to dangerous place
  • Know in which situations are the executives most vulnerable

He most know his entire schedule by heart and must be with him at all times. When faced with new situations, he must not hesitate to ask questions. Sometimes these situations do not arise because some executives keep a low profile.

Tip #2

Ditch All Your Bouncers

“Executive protection” is a very professional term and is the evolution in executive security detail industry. There is no room for goons in lumpy suit jackets or black turtlenecks. You are looking for someone who will protect you in the meetings with your competitors not someone who will lookout for you in a dance club!

The difference between bouncers and the executive protection detail is that the first one has lots of muscle and in some cases a gun whereas the second may look physically less imposing but are better prepared for life altering threats even before they occur.

You need to make sure that your VIP protection company address their part and ‘walk the walk’. Make sure that they have received the proper training so that they take effective countermeasures without your say.

Tip #3

Make Your Protection Job for Your Security Personnel Easy

If your protection detail acts like Clint Eastwood and answers in clipped words, then this is not the protection you are looking for. When an executive changes his plan and travels via another route, the protection detail must be in position so that any dangerous situation can be evaded.

This does not mean that you do not tell them about the change in your plans. Your VIP protection in Houston is here to protect you not just follow you. Evasive maneuvers taken in advance are always what protect you from danger. In order for this to happen, you need to communicate with your protection detail and not act like a diva.

Tip #4

Stand Tall In The Face of Danger

A common phenomenon is executives rebelling against their protection detail. In order to make them understand the protection company must explain the executives in simple words. Simple words meaning: Return on investment and cost-benefits.

Giving personal training to your VIP protection firm can make them better allies. All you need to ask is three questions and then judge them on their answers:

  • Can I trust you?
  • Will the protection detail’s presence slow me down?
  • Will I be able to have a personal life?

Tip #5

Provide Your Protection Detail with Rolodex

In order for your VIP protection company to work beside you is to give them rolodex so that they can mingle with the crowd well and know about everyone. This ensures free flow communication and additional resources for protection.

Even the smallest choice makes a large difference. Therefore, keep your VIP protection in Houston close to you and ensure your safety.