Finding the right security company.

security guard serviceYour business is important to you and your customers, even more in this century than in any other time period. Finding a security guard company to shield your company can be difficult if you don’t know how to search for one.

Choosing the wrong company or individual to guard your business could be dangerous. In order to boost the protection of your property and employees, ask the following questions before hiring a security guard company.

What kind of turn over rate does this security company experience?

High turnover could be for various reasons. If a security guard company is not hiring properly skilled guards or there is a management issue that causes well trained guards to see employment elsewhere, there’s a major problem. At Eagle Protective Group, our security guards go through a multi step background check, must pass various certifications and properly matched personalities to the job at hand.

How old is the security guard company you’re researching?

Established companies offer knowledge about the neighborhoods in which they work, and stability of presence. Eagle Protective Group has been in the Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years.

What kind of customers does this security guard company have?

Don’t be afraid to ask about current clients. If a company is not suited to protect your type of business, it may be a hint that you should look elsewhere. If their client base matches yours, you’re on the right track.

It’s important to contact current clients too and ask questions of the business owner to get a sense of satisfaction with the services they use from the security guard service. Ask about reliability of the guards, flexibility of the company to send new ones if necessary, and are their employees consistent with arrival and departure times.

Asking questions is your first line of defense when doing anything important for your company. No question is the wrong one and at Eagle Protective Group, we’re here to answer. The security of your business is our top priority.

Ask away!