EPG’s 10 Best Articles about Scams. Protect yourself this coming year.

2015 Scams Round Up

We’ve rounded up what we think are the 10 best articles on the internet about protecting yourself from various scams that exist online, by phone and in person.  Eagle Protective Group wants our customers to be informed about more than the security guard services we offer, but in every day life. Knowledge is power, we say.


Seniors are often targets of scams because they are often not internet savvy, or have trusting spirits. The Statesman has created a list of scams that prey on our seniors. Share this link with your parents, print it out and share it with them if they don’t have a computer, some of these scams are conducted over a phone.


General Fraud

The government provides a quick overview on various scams that happen not just online but everywhere. For instance, did you know that the number of fake organizations that pop up increase dramatically after a natural disaster? Read on to learn more!



Craigslist has become so popular that scammers relish the opportunity to take your money. This article is a must read before buying, selling or searching for a job or apartment on this well-loved website. We mean it!


Proof No One Reads the Craigslist Article

Everyday, this website forum has people checking in after already having been scammed and because they didn’t READ THE CRAIGSLIST ARTICLE.


For Students

Yep, scammers want your money too. Here’s a handy article about avoiding scams deliberately aimed at students looking for financial aid.


Google gets in on the warnings.

Google wants to help you understand how email is abused by scammers by offering up tips on how to spot fake ones.


FBI Advice

The Federal Bureau of Investigation fields thousands of calls each year from people who have been scammed online. They’ve put together this list of tips and advice to help you navigate various areas of the internet, such as auctions, and investment fraud.



Lifehacker proposes a complete guide to avoiding scams online, it’s a pretty large list so pull up a chair and a cup of tea.


Identity Theft

USA.Gov has a thorough section of articles based soley on avoiding the theft of your identity. Having known several people this has happened to, we encourage you to read and understand how it happens so you can avoid it. It can take years and lost income to regain your identity!


Travel Scams

Many of you are thinking about spending the holidays on vacation to some idealic place far away from home. Here are some handy tips for avoiding scams while traveling. These are for Europe, but a lot of them apply anywhere.



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