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Construction Site Security and Why You Need It.

In the Dallas Metroplex, theft is rising1 at construction sites due to lax security and increased focus by thieves because of expensive equipment left on construction sites.  If you’ve started a large project or you have to pause on a different one, having security on site or as a pass through visitation schedule, can improve the odds of keeping your site secure.

How does Eagle Protect Group use its security guards and off-duty police offers to protect your construction site?

construction worker guiding a concrete applicator pipeWe Deter theft: Security guards can deter theft by being present and visible on the construction site. This can help prevent the theft of materials and equipment, which can be expensive and disrupt construction schedules.

We Control access: Security guards can control access to the construction site, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed on the premises. This can help prevent unauthorized access and protect against potential security threats.

We Monitor for safety hazards: Security guards can monitor the construction site for potential safety hazards, such as open trenches or exposed wiring, and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

We Enforce safety protocols: Security guards can enforce safety protocols on the construction site, such as wearing hard hats and other protective equipment.

We Respond to emergencies: In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or medical emergency, security guards can provide a quick response and assist with evacuating workers and visitors to a safe location.

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We Protect company assets: Security guards can help protect company assets, such as equipment and materials, by monitoring for potential threats and taking appropriate action if necessary.

We Conduct investigations: In the event of a theft or other incident on the construction site, security guards can assist with investigations by collecting evidence and providing eyewitness testimony.

We Maintain order: Security guards can help maintain order and ensure that safety protocols and company policies are followed on the construction site.

We Provide a visible presence: Having a visible security presence can help create a sense of safety and security on the construction site, which can be particularly important in areas where crime rates are high.

Offer peace of mind to your property owners, managers and crew by having Eagle Protective Group secure your construction site today. Hiring security guards can provide peace of mind to everyone because there is someone on the premises who can respond to any potential security threats. Contact Us Today.

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