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Can I Moonlight as A Security Professional?

Dallas police officers can sometimes work an insane number of hours depending on the time of year or the situations they are faced with in their cities or communities.  But in their off-hours, there are times when extra money around the house would be nice, or  bills are piling up due to unforeseen circumstances, family medical problems, the kids need braces, or other needs that necessitate for them to make some extra money.  What they might not be aware of, however, that they might be able to use some of the same skills they harness on the force moonlighting as a security guard with Eagle Protective Group.

christmas stockings filled with money because you moonlighted as security

Of course, they should make sure that their current position allows for working second jobs like off duty police security, and that they are made aware of potential future changes to their working schedule before considering taking on an additional assignment.  But for officers with the extra energy and time that are looking to make some money on the side, being a basic security, executive, or VIP bodyguard could be an interesting challenge that may even result in performance improvements in their day job.

police officer, traffic controlSome might be concerned about how moonlighting would look to other officers on the force, their union representatives, or higher ups, but a recent survey of policing in America by Seth Stoughton, a University of South Carolina legal scholar stated that hundreds of thousands of officers are putting in millions of hours yearly picking up side jobs.  These additional security shifts are also not just available during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or during times of national strife, but are generally available year-round in Dallas.

There are some wonderful benefits to moonlighting as a security professional too.  Some VIP or executive clients will require their bodyguards to travel internationally with them for protection.  This would allow an officer with an occasion to see new places.  They also may have to provide security at exclusive events that otherwise would cost a lot of money to attend for free.  Obviously, their attention might be focused on their client, but the experience of being in proximity to and a part of an exclusive event makes for a unique opportunity.

Security professionals can use their additional work to get to know certain area businesses better, get to know layouts of buildings and existing security measures more intimately if they are posted there.  They can even get to know the streets of their city better if they are on escort duty or on a roving patrol.  The higher visibility a security guard provides adds to the safety of their community where they are posted.  While a call to the police might have them taking precious minutes to arrive on scene, a stationed security officer can provide immediate assistance and even prevent incidents from occurring altogether.

Partnered with a strong Dallas security company like Eagle Protective Group, an off-duty police officer can enhance the skills that the public’s tax dollars have paid for with new and up-to-date information and training that can carry over to their peacekeeping mission in the community.  In the end, this additional training can help save money and lives.

Start putting more money in your wallet today!


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