Behind the Scenes – Off duty officer working after hours as a security guard

We took a deeper look into why off duty officers sign up with Eagle Protective Group to run security when they aren’t on the clock with their departments.

Working with Eagle Protective Group as a security guard can been an enlightening and fulfilling experience for officers looking to find extra income or give back to their community. While their primary role as a police officer is deeply rewarding, there are aspects of being a security guard that an officer can come to appreciate and enjoy in a unique way.

First and foremost, the change of pace is refreshing. As a police officer, you’re often dealing with high-stress situations and emergencies that require immediate action. Working as a security guard allows me to step back from that intensity and engage in proactive prevention. Some of our officers find it satisfying to contribute to a safer environment by deterring potential threats and addressing minor issues before they escalate.

Interacting with people on a different level is another aspect they like about being a security guard in Dallas. In a police role, interactions are often brief and focused on law enforcement matters. As a security guard with EPG, they have the opportunity to engage in more casual conversations with individuals, building rapport and helping them feel at ease. This interpersonal aspect of the job has allowed them to establish a more approachable presence in the community, fostering a positive connection that’s often difficult to achieve in uniform.

The sense of responsibility is also a driving factor for their enjoyment. While their off-duty with the city and on-duty with Eagle Protective Group, they still carry a strong commitment to public safety. Being a security guard allows them to continue upholding that responsibility, albeit in a different capacity. They take pride in ensuring the security of the premises, events, or properties they’re assigned to protect. This commitment to safeguarding extends beyond their role as a police officer and reinforces their dedication to the community’s well-being.

off duty officers for security dallasFurthermore, working as a security guard in Dallas has provided them with a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by private security personnel. While police officers and security guards share some similarities, they operate within different frameworks. Learning about the intricacies of private security regulations, risk assessments, and client-specific needs has broadened their overall knowledge and skill set, making them a more well-rounded public servant.

Overall, being a security guard in addition to their role as a police officer has been an enriching experience. It offers a chance to contribute to safety in a distinct way, engage with people on a different level, and uphold their commitment to public service. The combination of both roles allows them to make a broader impact on the community they serve and reinforces their passion for ensuring the well-being of those around them.

Are you looking for a way to increase your skill set, help your community or build income avenues outside of your police work? Contact us today to talk about how we can work together to improve Dallas and keep it safe!