Back to School Safety with Eagle Protective Group

Back to School Safety!It’s that time of year again!

The smiles on your children’s faces are slowly being turned into frowns. For parents, however, back to school can be a great thing to reset the family schedule.  If your children are facing a new school or you’ve just moved to a new area, it’s time to re-assess school security issues.

Even though the school and its staff are responsible for your child’s safety, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make sure your child has a safe and fun return this year.

The following guidelines come from the National Association of Elementary School Principals:

Know your child’s school emergency procedures. Every student is given materials on how to stay safe at school, and it’s your job to review them every year for changes. Architectural changes could remove or add exits, for instance. New phone numbers may be added and having them tucked away in your phone is essential to staying on top of emergency situations when they occur. Review the safety information with your children every year. Confidence in emergency situations will help your child make it through difficult situations.

Create and share travel routes with your child. Do your children know which way you come from work to get to school to pick them up, or from the house to the school? You and your child knowing the route can make the difference in an emergency should you be unable to retrieve your child after school. If you live in an area with inclement weather at times, have alternate routes planned as well.

Never skip school security rules. Rules and guidelines are set to protect every child in the school. Breaking these rules puts your child and other’s in harm’s way. These rules may include registering your visit in the office, an escort when going through the building, or wearing a pass that marks you as a visitor. Set a great example for your kids and follow the school rules for visitors.

Engage with your child about school safety. Teaching children about paying attention to their inner voice, because sometimes that voice can save them from a situation.  Give them the protocol the school expects when they don’t feel safe for some reason, be it finding a teacher or principal or even call 911. It is also important that they have easy to access emergency contact information for you and a back-up contact should they need to call you.

Make sure to inform your school about your child. If your child has allergies, a disability or emotional concerns, make sure to TELL the school.  Keeping everyone informed keeps your child safe.

Stay involved.  Many schools will organize parents into groups to help with school safety in various capacities. If you have the time, consider joining one. It keeps you in the loop even more with the schools procedures and you might also meet a fellow parent to befriend!

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