Armed versus Unarmed Security Guards

Should my business use an armed security guard?

The thought of using an armed security guard for your business is a complicated decision for any business.

There are business owners who are in support of using armed security guards. And there those who are strongly oppose the idea of using armed security guards. Both sides of the argument have valid points. We’ll try to present all of them so you can help make a decision for your business.

The Pros of using an armed security patrol service.

The crucial point to using an armed security guard is to be a tangible warning to would-be criminals. Criminals would think twice before acting on a business that uses armed security guard support.
Another positive aspect to using armed security guard support is how having reduces the load placed on many local police departments*.

*Did you know that some of Eagle Protective Group’s employees are former military or police officers?

The cons against having an armed security patrol service.

One of the reasons stated as a disadvantage to using an armed security guard at their place of business is how the guard uses their power. Armed security guards may exhibit an attitude of freedom with situations that may not be conducive to good client / customer relations. Reporting your guard to us or having clear set responsibilities and limitations with the guard who protects your business, easily handles this.

Because the guard is armed, there is always the distinct possibility that during a situation, a guard may draw his weapon and use it, causing a death on the property. This is an insurance risk as well as something you must consider with the population at your store at any given time.
An armed guard is essential for high value inventory, however one would not necessarily be needed for a low value discount store unless the neighborhood in which it is in has a history of violent confrontation with business owners.

What should I do then?

At Eagle Protective Group we offer both types of security patrol to our customers in Dallas. We can guide you with a consultation to arrive at the best solution. Contact Us for a Free Consultation888-85-Eagle