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Are you a property owner, landlord or apartment manager? You need security.

eviction noticeBeing a landlord, property owner, or apartment manager seems like a pretty straightforward job, but sometimes, as you may know, awkward situations present themselves in the cycle of renting to a tenant.

Most of the time you face repairs, or questions about decorating rules from your tenants, but sometimes you have to face one of the most awkward and potentially dangerous situations with your tenant.  Specifically, as a security company, we’re talking about evictions.

At some point in your life as a property owner, you’ve had to evict a tenant because they could not or would not pay the rent owed to you. Most situations are handled easily, but on occasion, a tenant is adamant that they will not leave or they are hostile to legal actions you take to get them to vacate the property.


Why would you risk a danger to yourself or your employees when sensitive paperwork has to be delivered to a tenant?

tenants holding boxes and moving out.

You could have peace of mind by having a security guard or off duty police officer at your side when you give paperwork to (or talk with) your tenant about their residency with your property.

Eagle Protective Group offers security services to landlords, apartment managers, management teams, and other property owners to deliver necessary paperwork to tenants as well as accompanying the property owner so your or they can deliver eviction notices. Our staff can also be present when legal proceedings require a tenant’s belongings be removed from the premises.

Why take chances that an angry or upset tenant takes out their frustrations on you, the property owner? You need security to make sure the process goes smoothly and we’re here to help.

Give us a call today and make an appointment to have one of our off duty police officers join you before you deliver paperwork or supervise the evacuation of a tenant from your property.