Are They Cheating? Find Out Now

Studies have shown that the current divorce rate per one thousand married women is 16.9, and is nearly double that of 1960, but are actually down from the all-time high of 22.6 in the early 1980s. The more popular axiom given is that almost fifty percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. There are many reasons for divorce.

 cheating couple on a couch The Covid lockdowns of 2020 may have caused the largest single-year increase in divorce rate seen in decades and included a drastic uptick in domestic violence incidents and breakups caused by financial strain and political strife.

Another unfortunate side effect of the long-term lockdowns was an increase in people cheating on their partners or spouses. The unpredictability of the last couple of years has worn everyone down and made it hard to trust the realities presented to them. A qualified Dallas private investigator from Eagle Protective Group can get to the bottom of the mistrust in your relationship and find out whether your significant other is in fact stepping out on the marriage.

Our private investigators provide a host of services that include more than just doing infidelity checks. They can also go undercover to find additional evidence that might be useful in court, especially if your spouse is involved in more than just cheating. They can add a GPS tag to their vehicle to track their location wherever they go. They can even provide litigation support in the event they need to give information as evidence in a lawsuit.

You might be picturing a hard-nosed private detective that is on the case, staked out in a car, and talking to snitches in seedy back alleys, but the reality is that we use the most up-to-date technology to record audio and video using hidden surveillance techniques. We use software to track down witnesses that may have gone into hiding. We can also act as process servers in Dallas to make sure even the most furtive ex-spouse is given their court papers. An investigator at Eagle Protective Group will also look into allegations of harassment in the event the situation turns hostile.

A licensed Dallas investigator from our company can give you advice on behaviors to look for in a potential cheating spouse or partner.

They will tell you to look for the following:

  • Changes in intimacy and levels of affection.
  • Suspicious activity including phone calls or social media DM’s and posts.
  • Changes in their appearance including style of dress or hygiene habits.
  • Are they coming home from work later than usual or taking more than average work-related trips?
  • Do they bathe or shower immediately when they get home, or suddenly become interested in doing their own laundry?

A private investigator can give you piece of mind in these turbulent times. Best case scenario you find out that your partner or spouse isn’t cheating, but maybe going through a mid-life crisis instead, or just needs some extra time with their friends or by themselves. But we can put you on the right track legally speaking in the event of the worst-case scenario by providing all the facts you would need to present to a court or law enforcement personnel.

Don’t wait to be a victim. Find out now. Contact us for a free consultation.