All You Must Know About the Training of Professionals Working For Companies Providing Executive Protection Austin

In world of executive protection professionals, training is the only key to success. An executive protection professional is one who is trained in basic crowd control and scouting as well as managing high risk operations in which he must provide protection to the executive and prevent physical harm. In the modern society today, executives and VIPs including celebrities, political figures, and directors of major corporations face all sorts of threats.

The more money, power, or fame an individual possesses, the more likely he is to become a prime target of dangerous kidnappers, thieves, and extortionists. To mitigate the threat of kidnapping, physical harm, and extortion, it is critical to hire a team of highly skilled professionals for executive protection Austin.

Here are some of the facts about the training of executive protection professionals that you may not be aware of.

Training Depending On the Mission

The nature of training an executive protection professional may receive depends upon the type of executive they are hired to protect. For instance, a security detail or executive protection bodyguard for a Hollywood start in Los Angeles will be given a different type of training as compared to the skills taught for protecting a high profile government official visiting a Third World country.

Background and Experience

Some of the best security companies in Austin hire executive protection professionals who have extensive experience in the field of executive protection and have served government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the United States Secret Service and the military. The reason why such individuals are usually preferred is because they already have knowledge and are fully trained in armed combat and security.

However, all such professionals are required to take refresher courses prior to being assigned the task of protecting a particular executive.

Training for Using Firearms

Firearm training for executive protection Austin individuals is limited because there are many VIP protection teams that are trained in open hand techniques for which firearms are not required. Such techniques usually involve martial arts and subject control. Firearm training is usually given to those executive protection officials who are allowed to carry firearms when given the task of protecting a high risk individual for instance, a well-known political figure.

High Risk Training

There are certain schools out there in different parts of the world where rigorous training is given to individuals ranging from one to six weeks to become a highly skilled armed security professional. Famous schools like the Tactical Mindset and The Bodyguard School are places where high risk training is given to those aspiring to become executive protection Austin officers.

Collateral Duties

Many executive protection professionals are often given collateral jobs such as a valet, driver, or assistant. Now the reason why executive protection professionals do these jobs is because protecting the individual from physical harm does not stop at high risk training. Armed executive protection officers also use various evasive and defensive driving techniques as well as planning out exit routes for safe travel.

But that’s not all; such individuals are also trained to provide emergency medical assistance and control large crowds of people depending on the circumstances faced.

The life of an executive protection professional is never glamorous since there is always the lurking danger of physical harm, kidnapping, and even loss of life which is why hiring individuals for providing executive protection Austin costs a great deal of money. Eagle Protective Group is one of the best security companies that providethe best executive protection Austin to its clients to fulfill their security needs. Don’t wait to become a victim! Contact Eagle Protective Group today.